Coil Lifting Tongs

Coil Lifting Tongs

Our vertical coil tongs are designed by our engineers to meet each customer's individual specification for mechanical features, electronic components, and the highest safety standards. Lifting tongs are one of the most demanded lifting applications in our portfolio.

Our double arm coil handling lifter can be custom designed according to your needs - type of use, material of the roll, type of lifting beams or hoist, lifting requirements or other lifting devices installed. It can be redesigned to be a pallet lifter or to have motorised rotation. With these optional designs you can be sure you will have exactly the coil lifter you are looking for.

Every Airpes' coil grab is designed to be the most efficient and safe way to handle your big coils. We can design a material handling solution that fits your needs, adapting the coil lifter to your situation.

Airpes designs and manufactures heavy duty coil lifting tongs for the most demanding customers all over the world. Our Airpes engineers can make a custom design and adapt each vertical coil lifter to meet our customers’ specific requirement. We use the information provided regarding mechanical features, electronic components, crane hook and hoist capacities, type of material to lift, available headroom, width and position,  always meeting the highest of safety standards.

Airpes’ coil lifting tongs features:

Every coil lifter built by Airpes is a certificated design according to safety Directive 2006/42/CE (that replaced Directive 98/37/CE).

We build every coil grab using laser cut plates, in S355 J2+N steel, steel tubes quality S355J2H hot rolled according EN-10210.

We can incorporate additional electronic components and applications, like special hook configuration, frequency drive, PLC’s, Wi-Fi, GSM modem for communication with other components, applications and with Airpes technicians, from leading easy-to-find brands to spare parts all over the world.

Integration of coil’s optional rotating system in the vertical axis for motorised coil rotation of the roll while you grab it.

Weighing Capacity Systems to retrieve information of weight on every lift.

Standard equipment: Frequency variator for each engine and a programmable PLC with a software that allows complete control of the hook.

Special lighting system on board, to indicate progress and status from the coil tongs


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