TM70/1.13 DLA

TM70/1.13 DLA

TM70 handheld systems

The TM70 handheld systems are robust and reliable, designed to be used in industrial applications.

These have been successful products for many years and we will keep supplying them as the new handhelds are being introduced to the market.

T70 1 is the classic handheld unit for lifting applications. This is a very well established transmitter and it is being used in industrial applications such as the overhead crane. 

Standard configuration is for dual speed, 3 wire all motions - 4 wire is available on request

The T70 1 allow us to have the following mechanisms and accessories: 

  • LCD Display

2 x 12-character LCD display for information feedback from receiver, allowing safety control and manoeuvre operation. 

  • Removable EEPROM SIM module

Removable memory card. Quick and easy restoration of service with a spare unit in the event of transmitter or receiver failure. If the transmitter is damaged, the replacement can copy the EEPROM from the receiver. 

  • Range Limiter

The remote can only be used when there is an infrared connection between the infrared transmitter and the radio transmitter. This rules out risk situations caused by activating the remote without a clear and safe view of the machine. 

  • APC (Automatic Power Control)

This technology modifies the power of the radio transmission to minimize battery consumption and interference between nearby pieces of equipment. Longer battery life can be provided. Continuity of operations between devices in the same working environment can be achieved, respectively. 

  • Multi-band radio with full-duplex communication

Worldwide compatible multi-band radio. Possibility of full-duplex communication. Easily customizable via EEPROM. 

  • Multiple transmitter system

Possibility of working with multiple transmitters and a single receiver. The first device to link up assumes control of the machine. 

  • LBT (Listen Before Transmitting)

On transmitter start-up, the radio remote equipment will automatically look for a free channel. If another user activates a radio remote device on the same working channel, the transmitter can simply be switched off and on again. Helping to find another free channel and allow work to continue.  

  • Multiple receiver systems

Possibility of working with a single transmitter and multiple receivers at the same time.


Click here for T71 datasheet

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