Spreader Beams

Spreader Beams

Airpes spreader beams are the perfect solution if you need a lifting beam and you don't have low headroom that limits the vertical movement of the crane. A spreader beam sits in the same category as the classic lifting beams - in fact it is very similar to a classic lifting beam- but the rigging and the slings are situated at the ends of the beam. 

This means that some of the vertical bending forces that occur on a lifting beam are transformed into horizontal compression forces through the beam, this design "spreads" the forces along the beam.

 This means that a spreader beam can lift more weight and a heavier load than a classic lifting beam even if both are the same size, same sling and are built with the same amount of material. 

Adaptations and extra features to your spreader beam

At Airpes we adapt every spreader beam to a specific job and customer. Each one of our spreader beams can be upgraded with features such as:

  • Being adjustable in length – we can design a spreader beam that is adjustable mechanically or hydraulically
  • Being adjustable in centre of gravity  – that way the same spreader beam will be able to lift different objects that are tilted respect to its centre of gravity. We install adjustable counterweights to perform this function
  • Radio control – you can receive live information about the state of the spreader beam
  • Enhanced Safety features – to deliver a spreader beam that will follow all the mandatory safety rules


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