Scissor Lifting Tongs

Scissor Lifting Tongs

Scissor lifting tongs are designed to lift and handle different types of loads. Our slab lifting tongs capture the load and lift it safely to wherever you need. Handle your steel or concrete bars efficiently and safely.

We design and engineer scissor lifting tongs in all sizes and capacities, adapting to your company's needs and adapting the tongs to your current crane and hoist installation and capacity.

We design two types of slab lifting tongs:
 1 - Mechanical scissor lifting tongs
 2 - Electrical scissor lifting tongs.

Important: There are different scissor lifting tong designs depending on the number of hooks your crane has. We can design slab lifting tongs with more or fewer clamps depending on your current lifting equipment.

Airpes' scissor lifting tongs

- Can be built in all sizes and capacities
 - They can be mechanical or electrically powered
 - Scissor type clamps can be designed for one or two hooks
 - They can support extra features and gear

Scissor lifting tongs (or slab lifting tongs) are manufactured and designed with the most stringent standards for heavy duty lifting. This device will allow you to lift any type of pipe or beam of any material.

Easy to maintain

Our scissor lifting tongs are one of our most popular lifting devices with a wide range of applications. The clamp will work in a wide range of conditions and will serve you for a long time: it is a low maintenance device that will work perfectly in high service factor plants.

As with most of our Handling Solutions they are 100% personalized to your needs

We design and adapt any scissor lifting tong to allow you to perform any job. We can design scissor lifting tongs of any capacity and size.


Optional Additional features:

Integrated weighing capacity

We can add a scale to the design so you can control the weight while lifting the beam

Stock control capacity

It can control the stock coming  in/out the warehouse for a quick and easy control

Load limiter

With this feature you will increase safety and avoid damages to the clamps, crane, hoist or structure

Radio Control

Increase the support and the information you get from the lifter sending the information you need via radio.

Rotation Capacity

Will allow you to not only move in vertical but to rotate the load 360º

Extra Safety

You can add additional safety features to your device, for example: special painting, protection pads, loose wire control


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