PVG is a hydraulic, load-sensing proportional valve, designed for optimal machine performance and maximum design flexibility. The PVG valve design is based on a modular concept that enables machine designers to specify a valve solution suitable for multiple market segments across multiple applications. 

The PVG 32 is a member of the PVG product platform and interfaces to other valve families enabling all machine functions being controlled from one single valve stack.

 PVG 32 controls work port flow up to 125 l/min [33 US gal/min] l/min and up to 420 bar [6090 psi] bar work port pressure.

The load independent proportional control valve and high performance actuator technology combined with a low pressure drop design improves the machine performance and efficiency – increasing productivity and reducing energy consumption. 


PVG load-sensing proportional valves features and benefits summarized in bullets below:

 • Load-independent flow control: ‒ Oil flow to an individual function is independent of the load pressure of this function ‒ Oil flow to one function is independent of the load pressure of other functions

 • Possible combination with the rest of the PVG family, when using an interface module 

• Up to 12 basic modules per PVG 32 valve group

 • Reliable regulation characteristics across the entire flow range

 • Load sense relief valves for A and B port enables reduced energy loss at target pressure

 • Several options for connection threads and flange mount

 • Compact design, easy installation and serviceability

 • Energy-saving

 • Low weight 

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