Paper Coil Tongs

Paper Coil Tongs

Handling large rolls of paper can be difficult. If you need to move paper rolls up to 5 tons, this handling equipment is made for you.

Airpes have designed, manufactured and tested a paper coil tong with 5t. capacity, following all safety standards, as always, and providing an effective, efficient and secure system.


Paper coil tong

The solution proposed by Airpes includes the design, manufacture and testing of a paper coil tong up to 5t. capacity, with options such as:

High precision weighing system.

Motorised rotation to facilitate positioning of coils in both the rolling mill train as the warehouse.

Coil catching systems

As a new feature the device includes two different systems to catch the paper rolls. These systems allow it to work when the coil incorporates the axis to position within the laminator and also when it doesn’t.

Security systems : anti opening legs operate in both cases.


Benefits of our papel coil tong

The handling of paper rolls is safe, efficient and very easy.


The best solution for paper handling

This paper coil tong is aimed at all sectors working with large rolls of paper. For instance, the pulp and paper industry, one of the biggest sectors in the industrial world. But it can also be used by other sectors that have to work with large amount of paper, like graphic arts and paper handling companies.

Our job is to make your easier. With our paper coil tong, you will handle your load the safest and efficient way possible




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