Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams

Airpes offers many types of lifting beam design, including

  • Fixed beams, 
  • H beams, 
  • Movable centre of gravity beams, 
  • Hydraulic powered beams, 
  • Spreader beams with levelling system or 
  • Motorised rotating beams.

A lifting beam is one of the most useful and ideal devices if you know exactly the kind of load you want to handle. Airpes' lifting beams can be adapted to each customer's individual need in terms of capacity, available accessories, hoists (and number of hoists of the crane) and design.

They offer excellent results with a long life span and carry a low maintenance factor. A bespoke lifting beam designed for your company and a specific task will improve the handling of your loads.

Airpes specialises in supplying all kind of lifting beams, from the very simple 1,5 tonnes capacity spreader beam attached for a single hook to the most complex heavy duty lifting spreader that can handle up to 490 tonnes. Every model of beam can be adapted to any kind of overhead crane, type of load, hook and be adapted to the needs of the customer. Airpes® is your handling equipment supplier for lifting beams.


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