IKARGO Upgrade Kit

IKARGO Upgrade Kit


The TM70 range has been the workhorse of industry for over 15 years and still offers great service. Now, existing TM70/1 and TM70/2 transmitters can be simply upgraded to their new IKargo equivalents.

No need to replace the entire radio control system, no crane access is required, no existing radio receiver replacement, no need to re-wire existing cabling and specialist engineers are not required.

With a simple EEprom (SIM) swap between transmitters, the new IKargo transmitter automatically links with the existing TM70 receiver, that’s it, you are ready to go!

That is not all, every upgrade is supplied with a conversion kit that replaces the TM70 battery charger and Ni-Cd batteries with a new energy efficient smart battery charger and two ‘state-of-the-art’ lithium batteries. Offering excellent battery life resulting in a massive increase shift time between battery charges.

Irugasa are committed to reducing carbon footprints and we will recycle the old TM70 transmitter, battery charger and batteries on your behalf.

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