The i-C4C is a new generation of load limiter which integrates the most advanced technology in order to cope with the most complex applications.
Fully digital, it has the advantage of being easy to install, to configure and to use.
i-C4C includes a lot of features which allows to cover a wide range of applications which go a lot further than load limiting.
The system can also be used for load indication, feedback to the transmitter of the remote control, wireless communication between cranes, processing of limit switches, anti collision, zone protection, ...

The i-C4C is available in two main models: master and slave.
For each system, at least one master is needed. The slave model has as main purpose to extend the I/Os, but also allows to connect digital, analogue I/O and load cell information locally (p.e. on a hoist).
Due to the fact that the connection between the modules is made by CAN, the cabling on the crane is much more easy.

Basic concept :
- 6 digital inputs
- 4 relay outputs
- 1 analogue input
- 1 analogue output
- 2 CAN interfaces
- display (only master model)
- keypad (only master model)
- USB interface

 Options :
- Wireless interface
- Mobile phone interface

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