The Airpes C-hook is designed to meet a customer's specific requirement for load configuration, weight, lifting area and headroom. 

It can be adapted to fit any manufacturers' crane and hook type. 

Airpes can adapt the design of the C Hook to your particular overhead crane, gantry crane, single girder crane or any lifting crane. Each one is designed to deliver you a customised solution with a high quality service.

Why Choose hook lifting:

If you work with wire or rope coils and you need heavy duty machinery to handle them, C-Hooks are a great option. Our hook lifters are a safe, efficient and quick way of handling coils. With our C Type crane hook you will be able to move any coiled wire with your existing overhead crane. Discover Airpes' hooks, and find out how they will help you in handling your coils. 

Whether it's a coil lifter, steel or wire coil or lifting beams, with Airpes you will find the best handling solution for your load.

Lifting beams for your organisation:

We know how important is to use the best product. That is why our coil lifting systems, our lifters hooks and all of our crane hook lifting designs are engineered, customised and manufactured according to our customer's individual specifications. This way, you will be using the most modern crane block, lifters and material available that best suit your company and your projects.


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