Battery BT06K ATEX

Battery BT06K ATEX


The BT06K model battery is a rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery for ATEX transmitters, T70 1 ATEX and T70 2 ATEX handhelds, specially designed for its use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The capacity of the batteries decreases with use. Their estimated life is 500 charge cycles, but this depends largely on the conditions of use, so we recommend the following:

• Do not recharge the battery until it is fully discharged. The transmitter will tell you when it is time.
• Charge the batteries at temperatures of 0–45ºC (at higher temperatures, the batteries will not charge fully). Avoid placing the charger in direct sunlight.
• Charge the batteries at least once every six months.
• Avoid shorting the battery contacts. Do not carry charged batteries in a toolbox or in pockets with other metal parts (keys, coins, etc.).
• Keep the contacts clean.
• Do not expose the batteries to sunlight.
• The BT06K-ATEX batteries can only be charged with BC70K or CB70 battery chargers.


  • Type: NiMH
  • Capacity: 500 mAh, 4,8 V
  • harging temperature range: 0 to 40ºC
  • Weight: 70,3g
  • Protection Internally fuse protected

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