ALM-100N Electronic Load Limiter

ALM-100N Electronic Load Limiter

The electronic load limiter ALM-100N is designed to control overload, the slack cable and other desired points, and to register the spectrum of loads of elevation devices.

The electronic load limiter Model ALM-100N manufactured according the Norm EN 62061 and EN 14492-2 2010, designed to control overload,slack rope and other desired points, as well as to register the spectrum of loads of elevation devices (Hoist) according the Norm UNE 58919. It can control up to two devices realising the sum of both. It can be connected on any kind of weight sensor placed in: Fixed spur, retrieving pulley, trolley, rope, etc... Besides the control of the Safe Working Period (SWP) established by the Norm, it has several registers for the control of:

- Number of manoeuvres of elevation.
- Number of manoeuvres to impulses.
- Time of manoeuvres of elevation.
- Number of overloads.
- Number of bypassed overloads.
- Registration from the last 500 overloads, with date, hour, value from the overload and duration of the overload.
- Activation of the revision by number of hour or date.

Device designed for compliance of Category 2 and PLC according to ISO 13849-1.

Delivery estimated at 7-10 working days,



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